Adventure Basic School Math · Math Drills Challenge, Math Bingo, Catch Starfall and More - Learning Games (Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division) for Kids: Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3 and 4 by Abby Monkey® App Reviews

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Love this app

Right as I open the app, I was greeted by a voice. This voice was there to guide me through the app. Through the whole app there are nice animations and graphics. Also, in the app there are many different game to choose from, at many different difficulties. They were all entertaining but the same time very educational. The app did not crash the whole time I was using it. I recommend it to anyone

Mathematics for all ages!

22learn, LLC has done it again with Adventure Basic School Math. Don’t be fooled by this winter-themed application; it’s great during any season! With 5 various games to choose from and ranging from simple number identification, to addition/subtraction and multiplication/division, Adventure Basic School Math has something for everyone. Difficulties are easy to set with a quick tap based on both your child’s age and progress. All activities and equations are age-appropriate and designed to increase your child’s confidence in math. This app does so with flying colours. Overall, Adventure Basic School Math is a fun, engaging, and thought-provoking application for children of all ages!

My kids love it

My five year old girl and seven year old boy both love these games. I really like that there are so many games in one app, and that they cater to varying skill levels. That way if you have more than one kid, they can both enjoy it, and it can also grow with your kids as their skill level increases. The game is well made, with nice colours, cute characters, great graphics and fun sounds.

Daily math homework tip!

We use it as homework on a daily basis. Very well designed and covers everything from additions to divisions. Learn while having fun, very smart.

Learning made fun that grows with my kids

This app goes from simple number recognition for my 3 year old all the way up to complicated multiplication and division for my grade schoolers who especially love the bingo game.

Game was great

I learned so much more. This game is spectacular!

I really love your app

There are tons of games. I actually had fun doing math on your game.

Great math app for children

Installed this app on my phone and my daughter loves it. Her favourite game is Penguin Craze, but she plays all of them. I tried it myself and found it to be very smooth with great transitions, graphics and audio. Its very educational for kids but is also fun to play.

Yet another amazing app!

This app is truly amazing! It is great for children from Grade 1-6 with various games that cater to various skill levels! This game, like others by this publisher, is full of wonderful graphics and sounds to make it that much more enjoyable. I recommend this app to anyone with young children, who want to succeed!


This is a great app! My 7yo loved playing it and will really be a great help for her addition and subtraction. I even had trouble with the multiplication! I guess I need the app too. Haha

Adorable way for kids to learn math!

Adventure Basic School Math is definitely one of my favorites! This cute game features a plethora of characters which kids will fall in love with. Plus, the games are an absolute joy to play! I definitely think Catch a Star is my favorite of the five. Overall, Adventure Basic School Math is a wonderful choice for parents when it comes to choosing an educational math app for iPhone and/or iPad.

Couldn’t ask for better

My kids love this app! This is a really fun way to learn math - I highly recommend this to other parents or future parents! 5/5 stars.

Great app for all children learning basic math skills!

My kids absolutely loved this game as soon as I introduced it to them! Math Adventures has many different styles of games that all helps in my children to better learn their math abilities. I loved that each game I can choose certain criteria such as numbers, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing based on what I want my children to learn. If they do very well, then I can up the difficulty level to better test their knowledge and help them learn along the way. I have found this to be a wonderful family game that also helps my kids learn. What more can you ask for! Highly recommended.

super cute app

super cute and adorable app. Learning has never been more fun


Been a great day playing this game with my kid. The graphics are awesomely cute. Keep more games like this coming!


A very good educational app. Characters look cute and very well done. polished interface makes the app a joy to use. I really recommend it as it helps kids develop essential skiils

Fun and educational!

Great way for kids to practice their math skills outside of school. My kids absolutely love it. The perfect thing for longs lines and car rides- they are entertained AND learning. This was a no-brainer purchase, excellent app!

Great for math practice!

Both my kids keep playing with this. 6 yr old loves to practice addition. There are many endearing games, in which children can learn math. Even my 4 year old who does not know how to add can play with this because there is also basic number recognition. And the penguins are so cute! It is great to find a peaceful app for children that includes no violence and children find it fun to play.

Nice app

Quite interactive and educational app for children. It help children to appreciate the numerical and maths. User interface quite nice and well designed too.


This app is adorable and cute, plus you learn math!

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